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May 2009
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Stephanie [userpic]
My Birthday at the Can Can - 3 weeks late! Sorry!

No one has better friends than I have. It's true. And when a party is thrown for you you really find out who your friends are and the close ones that didn't show up may not be so close. But I still had the GREATEST TIME EVER on Saturday night.

But first, it's been a long time coming.

I now present to you...

Yes, it was a very happy birthday with my close friends at the Can Can in Pike Place. And here they are...

So at this point they bring me up on stage to learn how to Can Can...

Then I get sat down while a guy with his birthday gets a little dance...

After his dance, we get the famous Juan Carlos...

And then, he stripped down to the scariest jeweled underpants I've ever seen... and continued to dance...

He taught me to do the Robot to "Domo Origato, Mr. Robato" which came with a pelvic thrust... :)

I sit down and we go to enjoy the Heavenly Spies Burlesque show - gorgeous girls, hilarious songs, great show on their part. Then the girls being me up on stage... to learn how to do, what they do... OMG

They were adorable... it was a great night...

So this weekend, Friday night I went to Dante's to meet Marci's boytoy - but he was sick... sadly... Chris, Miranda, and Ben and I hung out while she went next door anyway to giggles for the comedy show... we played Kings and poker and Ben was great... fit in well enough, which was nice...

Nicole from work showed up and came up with the best dares ever, which included Chris delivering salt and pepper shakers to tables and clearing glasses - Ben switching straws for people with new ones, and Miranda had to go up to the DJ and ask if she could do the "wicca wicca" thing scratching the record - which he allowed her to do and she was great!

I spent practically the whole weekend with Ben, which was great... a little too quick for me, but great none the less.

I'll talk about Saturday night soon when I get the pics from Marci... :)