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It had to be done. I'm sorry, usually it's every six months and it's not june, but just too much has changed. Plus, I was inaccurate. I don't like Alexander Skarsgård, the actor. I'm in love with a fictional character named Eric Northman. Christian Bale remains number one.

Jeff Hephner hasn't done shit, and it's time I admitted that as much as I hate the weird mf'er piano player (Alex relapse, oh god), Maksim Mrvica makes the list. I hate him, and I want to make it out with him on the top of a concert grand. So sue me.

And Scott Michael Foster keeps getting hotter every episode of Greek I watch. So, adios Tucker Carlson. You also, haven't done shit for me lately, and it hurts because you used to be number one. What happened man? You used to be a bad ass dorky republican that I found endearing - and I'm not even republican! But I got it - working in news media made me understand the schtick and the riling people up and ... well, you've gotten weak. I'm sorry Tucker, it's over.

I give you, yes early, but necessary, the mid year TOP TEN CELEBRITY CRUSHES.

Oh yeah, Justin broke my heart, and I finished my first novel and am shopping agents. And I realized today, after feeling broken for a few weeks, that I am effing awesome. I can make nothing into everything. I have amazing students, I'm playing again like crazy... and I wrote a book! I WROTE A BOOK!

I, for six years was a local celebrity. I went to Africa to help orphaned children, and I built a roof on a church in Makindu, Kenya. I got to ride a Navy ship for Seafair. I was on a stage in front of 90,000 people. I bought a house, and making absolutely no money, I've managed to keep it in this economy.

I can make it because I'm me. And today, for the first time in roughly seven, maybe eight years, I felt ecstatic to be alive.

... I'll also admit, I have coffee pumping through my veins, not blood. So, that might be a part of it... ;)

Nick got married last week.

Current Mood: crushedcrushed

I updated, as I do yearly-ish, my top 10 celebrity crushes.

Surprisingly, most remained the same, but Tucker Carlson took another hit, dropping him from #2 to #3, replaced by Alexander Skarsgard. It's not so much him, as much as it is Eric, and not so much Eric from True Blood as much as it's Eric from the novels... I want him.

Also added, making me feel like I'm 15 and a groupie (sigh) is Robert Pattinson. He's pretty damn sexy, I'll admit. The weird thing is, I hate almost all photo's of him. But ANY and all video, when he's himself? He looks great. It's bizarre. Anyways, he didn't make it high.

Dropped were the Firefly boys. You'll always hold a special place in my heart, but it was time. You're boring now, not really doing anything - although Nathan Fillion as Captain Hammer was definitely ++++++++++++. If only NPH wasn't gay, he'd be soo high up there.

Still number one, Christian Bale.

The best part is, Alice is full grown, and Isabelle is 4 months old. Look at how much bigger she is than Alice!

Just thought I'd post a few more, with a better camera than my cell phone.

I got a new baby.... Her name is Isabelle!

No one has better friends than I have. It's true. And when a party is thrown for you you really find out who your friends are and the close ones that didn't show up may not be so close. But I still had the GREATEST TIME EVER on Saturday night.

But first, it's been a long time coming.

I now present to you...

Yes, it was a very happy birthday with my close friends at the Can Can in Pike Place. And here they are...

So at this point they bring me up on stage to learn how to Can Can...

Then I get sat down while a guy with his birthday gets a little dance...

After his dance, we get the famous Juan Carlos...

And then, he stripped down to the scariest jeweled underpants I've ever seen... and continued to dance...

He taught me to do the Robot to "Domo Origato, Mr. Robato" which came with a pelvic thrust... :)

I sit down and we go to enjoy the Heavenly Spies Burlesque show - gorgeous girls, hilarious songs, great show on their part. Then the girls being me up on stage... to learn how to do, what they do... OMG

They were adorable... it was a great night...

So this weekend, Friday night I went to Dante's to meet Marci's boytoy - but he was sick... sadly... Chris, Miranda, and Ben and I hung out while she went next door anyway to giggles for the comedy show... we played Kings and poker and Ben was great... fit in well enough, which was nice...

Nicole from work showed up and came up with the best dares ever, which included Chris delivering salt and pepper shakers to tables and clearing glasses - Ben switching straws for people with new ones, and Miranda had to go up to the DJ and ask if she could do the "wicca wicca" thing scratching the record - which he allowed her to do and she was great!

I spent practically the whole weekend with Ben, which was great... a little too quick for me, but great none the less.

I'll talk about Saturday night soon when I get the pics from Marci... :)

First of all, WTF happened to my bank account? I supposely had direct deposit last night, but also some things cleared last night? And I'm left with a balance of $174... how could around $1700 have cleared through my bank account last night and I have no idea what they are?

That is really really scary.

I suppose my check could have been wrong, but things don't actually post for a few days, so I won't know for a little while. I hate this. It's horrible. And I have to pay my mortgage today? F*

So I changed my "status" on myspace damnit.

Yes. I really really liked being single. A lot. In fact, so much. But I also want Ben.

Why can't he just be exclusive to me while I do what I want?

Of course I'm joking, I'm pretty thrilled even though I already miss the thought of picking up people while out dancing or whatever. But I really like Ben - he makes me happy. I can be totally relaxed around him, and last night when we were just hanging out on the couch messing around (no, not THAT kind of messing around, just talking and making fun of eachother and things) and it just felt right.

Besides, he got a nice haircut.

OK, enough excuses. I just feel like I need to make them as the perpetually single girl who doesn't really care about anyone she goes out on dates with and certainly doesn't want to get into a relationship unless he's perfect.

Does this mean Ben is perfect?

Well, last nights VDay dinner he made certainly was. I think that could be what broke me down honestly - because when I talked about being exclusive this weekend, I didn't mean it. Let me explain that first, then last night.

So last weekend he was texting someone outside, and I asked what he was doing - roundabout way found out it was a girl - then he handed me his phone saying "If you want to play with fire" which of course made me interested to see... couldn't get anything to work cause I had a few drinks...

So then I'm asking, right? Are you seeing other people? Because I cancelled a date to be here tonight - and if that's the case, I want to know... I just want a status check... which he interpreted as "Will you be exclusive with me?" and I ended up just throwing my hands up in frustration and dropping the whole thing.

It was not me asking him to be exclusive. I was just getting a status check.

I don't ask ANYONE to be exclusive. They ask me and I sometimes agree under duress.

So last night, Ben came over and made the most amazing Tuscan dinner I think anyone has ever made for me. Scallops in a pinenut/caper/potato/raison mixture, fettucine, and this amazing tomato/basil/garlic zucchini.

He claimed he already told me last weekend he was exclusive. But then he said it last night. Then later referred to himself as my boyfriend.

So that's that. It was a great evening.

And I'm happy.

So there.

Here it is. The moment you have all been waiting for. Why was yesterday such a great morning Stephanie? Well, let me tell you. You wouldn't have believed me with out the photographic evidence, hence the delay in sharing the details with you. I know what you're thinking - I've talked it up, and this will ultimately be disappointing. But I can guarentee that now that you hear about this amazing find, you will not be let down. Ladies and Gentlemen, please allow me to introduce you to


I know. You're absolutely right. There should be rays of light and choirs of angels singing. I don't know why God didn't add that to my blog. Maybe after testing a few more flavors. At my 76 station, they were ALL SOLD OUT. All but two bags, and I quickly snatched them off fighting away crowds of people who had rushed the shelf for Rap Snacks of their own. I'm telling you, I almost had to pull out my Gat. Thankfully, it didn't come to that, and with one "Back the F* up, G" I was able to snatch the last two bags.

Ohhh goodie

Oh Happy Days! Two great flavors were left. And two great Rap Stars/Groups as well! Master P sportin the "Bar-B-Que" flavor while Dirty apparently tastes like Ranch. We'll just see about that.

Before doing anything, I had to examine the bags. Afterall, what makes this particular potato chip different than any other potato chip? Oh, here it is!

Endorsement Galore

Yep. It's the official snack of Hip Hop. See, everyone who is involved in Hip Hop eats these. I think they all sat down in a boardroom checking their guns at the door, and across the table were bowls of chips. They of course did a double blind study and choose the best tasting chips they could, officially making this particular bake the favorite of all hip hop artists. After all, the entire hip hop community wouldn't choose an official snack with out something like this, right? Right?!

Love me some Bar B QueI decided to start with Master P. It looked delicious. I've always been a big fan of "Bar-B-Que" flavor chips, and I was anxious to see the possible hip hop spin they put on these thin slices of potato goodness.

The packaging alone had an inspirational message. See if you can find it kids!

Start your own Business!

I'll help you out. Just hold your mouse over the image. So far I've learned that these are endorsed by all of Hip Hop, and they come with a little bit of inspiration. Well, what's left to do than dive in?

Mmmmm, Bar-B-Que

Well, phase one seems okay. They do indeed smell like "Bar-B-Que". Wait - am I pulling a Britney in this photo? Oops, I did it again! Anyways, they smell fine. It's time for the moment I have been waiting for.

The First Taste

I gotta be honest with you, I had been salivating leading up to this moment, and getting the corner of the chip in my mouth and crunching down - It was like a small slice of Hip Hop Heaven.


In fact, once you pop, you just can't stop. I think they must have found a new way to sell their rocks. The Popo's on the street have been cracking down on my brotha's so just grind it up and make it a little extra flavor! It's genius!

That crack did it's trick!

Overall, I had to give the "Bar-B"Que" flava the thumbs up. In fact, it tasted exactly like every other "Bar-B-Que" flavor of chip I had ever had in my life. But with the inspirational message of "Start a Business" and Master P on the front, what's to keep anyone from buying anyother brand over RapSnacks?! I sure can't go back.

While I'm not a big fan of anyone named "Dirty" on the front of something I'm going to be ingesting, I still needed to attempt the Ranch Flavor.

Education is Knowledge

Wow. Did you know "Education is Knowledge"? Because I for one, did not know that. It's a good thing Dirty tells me that, or I may have dropped out of school and been disknowledgeable... unknownledgeable...whatever.


As you can plainly see, the fact that it says in big letters "Dirty" on there is making me nervous. Despite that's the name of the group, I don't like this much...


So it's time! I tap into my animal instincts. God made dirt so dirt can't hurt!!! Let's do this!!!! RIP THAT TO SHREADS! If dogs can eat poop, than I can eat Dirty Ranch RapSnacks!


That's right! Bite it!!! Bite it like the Animal you are!!!



What? What is this? I'm flashing my fingers in strange ways! Could this be a side effect of the RapSnacks? What is happening to me?

When all was said and done, after gorging myself practically to death on Rap Snacks, I could barely move. I fell over into my chip mess while still trying to chomp away at the addictive ingredients.

Overall, RapSnacks are awesome. I can't wait until the 76 store restocks. I highly recommend them.

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