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Stephanie [userpic]

Your back?

Back again?

Shady's back?

Can I be your Friend?

Guess who's back, Guess who's back, Guess who's back

of course, I'd like to continue reading. Even if I don't comment that much.


um, hey. i was running around my old journal looking for you because i couldn't remember your birthday, and i knew it was coming up. in two days, so happybirthday. anyway, i'd like to get back in touch with you. some serrious shit has gone down recently, that you may or maynot want to know about. hope you add me back, i'd like to chat with you!!

so, happy birthday in two days!

Re: friends?

E-mail me your cell phone number... I'll call you today!

I added you also...


Your journal

Hi, I'm new to live journal. I live in Seattle and listen to you on KMPS, that's how I found your site. Could I be added to view your journal? Or maybe you just want your friends there, that's alright too. btw my screen name is Seattlebubbles because I love to swim. I was on my HS swim team. And honestly, I'm not the brightest person in the room so the "bubbles" name fits there too.

have an awesome day
Martina Ford

Re: Your journal

You're added! :)

Re: Your journal

But by the way - I figure I should do the disclaimer.... this is my personal life and not to be confused with my working life in any way. :) There are things in here that I would never share on the radio - my debts, my crushes, etc.

Just an FYI

Re: Your journal

Totally understand.

I am watching Satellite TV channels on my Laptop for Free lying in my backyard.
Do you?

I am watching Satellite TV channels on my Laptop for Free lying in my backyard.
Do you?


I see I got deleted - was there a reason why? Can I be re-added?

(remember me, it's scott?)

No longer friends?

I've moved back from London and noticed I've been deleated. No worries, just wondering why. Ta ta


Re: No longer friends?

I'll re-add you. :)

Friend request

Hey...thanks for pointing me toward your LJ account. Hope you'll add me.


Re: Friend request

Oh, I got ya in!