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May 2009
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Stephanie [userpic]
Best Morning Ever

Here it is. The moment you have all been waiting for. Why was yesterday such a great morning Stephanie? Well, let me tell you. You wouldn't have believed me with out the photographic evidence, hence the delay in sharing the details with you. I know what you're thinking - I've talked it up, and this will ultimately be disappointing. But I can guarentee that now that you hear about this amazing find, you will not be let down. Ladies and Gentlemen, please allow me to introduce you to


I know. You're absolutely right. There should be rays of light and choirs of angels singing. I don't know why God didn't add that to my blog. Maybe after testing a few more flavors. At my 76 station, they were ALL SOLD OUT. All but two bags, and I quickly snatched them off fighting away crowds of people who had rushed the shelf for Rap Snacks of their own. I'm telling you, I almost had to pull out my Gat. Thankfully, it didn't come to that, and with one "Back the F* up, G" I was able to snatch the last two bags.

Ohhh goodie

Oh Happy Days! Two great flavors were left. And two great Rap Stars/Groups as well! Master P sportin the "Bar-B-Que" flavor while Dirty apparently tastes like Ranch. We'll just see about that.

Before doing anything, I had to examine the bags. Afterall, what makes this particular potato chip different than any other potato chip? Oh, here it is!

Endorsement Galore

Yep. It's the official snack of Hip Hop. See, everyone who is involved in Hip Hop eats these. I think they all sat down in a boardroom checking their guns at the door, and across the table were bowls of chips. They of course did a double blind study and choose the best tasting chips they could, officially making this particular bake the favorite of all hip hop artists. After all, the entire hip hop community wouldn't choose an official snack with out something like this, right? Right?!

Love me some Bar B QueI decided to start with Master P. It looked delicious. I've always been a big fan of "Bar-B-Que" flavor chips, and I was anxious to see the possible hip hop spin they put on these thin slices of potato goodness.

The packaging alone had an inspirational message. See if you can find it kids!

Start your own Business!

I'll help you out. Just hold your mouse over the image. So far I've learned that these are endorsed by all of Hip Hop, and they come with a little bit of inspiration. Well, what's left to do than dive in?

Mmmmm, Bar-B-Que

Well, phase one seems okay. They do indeed smell like "Bar-B-Que". Wait - am I pulling a Britney in this photo? Oops, I did it again! Anyways, they smell fine. It's time for the moment I have been waiting for.

The First Taste

I gotta be honest with you, I had been salivating leading up to this moment, and getting the corner of the chip in my mouth and crunching down - It was like a small slice of Hip Hop Heaven.


In fact, once you pop, you just can't stop. I think they must have found a new way to sell their rocks. The Popo's on the street have been cracking down on my brotha's so just grind it up and make it a little extra flavor! It's genius!

That crack did it's trick!

Overall, I had to give the "Bar-B"Que" flava the thumbs up. In fact, it tasted exactly like every other "Bar-B-Que" flavor of chip I had ever had in my life. But with the inspirational message of "Start a Business" and Master P on the front, what's to keep anyone from buying anyother brand over RapSnacks?! I sure can't go back.

While I'm not a big fan of anyone named "Dirty" on the front of something I'm going to be ingesting, I still needed to attempt the Ranch Flavor.

Education is Knowledge

Wow. Did you know "Education is Knowledge"? Because I for one, did not know that. It's a good thing Dirty tells me that, or I may have dropped out of school and been disknowledgeable... unknownledgeable...whatever.


As you can plainly see, the fact that it says in big letters "Dirty" on there is making me nervous. Despite that's the name of the group, I don't like this much...


So it's time! I tap into my animal instincts. God made dirt so dirt can't hurt!!! Let's do this!!!! RIP THAT TO SHREADS! If dogs can eat poop, than I can eat Dirty Ranch RapSnacks!


That's right! Bite it!!! Bite it like the Animal you are!!!



What? What is this? I'm flashing my fingers in strange ways! Could this be a side effect of the RapSnacks? What is happening to me?

When all was said and done, after gorging myself practically to death on Rap Snacks, I could barely move. I fell over into my chip mess while still trying to chomp away at the addictive ingredients.

Overall, RapSnacks are awesome. I can't wait until the 76 store restocks. I highly recommend them.


gurl, oh no you didn't..........