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May 2009
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Stephanie [userpic]
Early Changes

It had to be done. I'm sorry, usually it's every six months and it's not june, but just too much has changed. Plus, I was inaccurate. I don't like Alexander Skarsgård, the actor. I'm in love with a fictional character named Eric Northman. Christian Bale remains number one.

Jeff Hephner hasn't done shit, and it's time I admitted that as much as I hate the weird mf'er piano player (Alex relapse, oh god), Maksim Mrvica makes the list. I hate him, and I want to make it out with him on the top of a concert grand. So sue me.

And Scott Michael Foster keeps getting hotter every episode of Greek I watch. So, adios Tucker Carlson. You also, haven't done shit for me lately, and it hurts because you used to be number one. What happened man? You used to be a bad ass dorky republican that I found endearing - and I'm not even republican! But I got it - working in news media made me understand the schtick and the riling people up and ... well, you've gotten weak. I'm sorry Tucker, it's over.

I give you, yes early, but necessary, the mid year TOP TEN CELEBRITY CRUSHES.

Oh yeah, Justin broke my heart, and I finished my first novel and am shopping agents. And I realized today, after feeling broken for a few weeks, that I am effing awesome. I can make nothing into everything. I have amazing students, I'm playing again like crazy... and I wrote a book! I WROTE A BOOK!

I, for six years was a local celebrity. I went to Africa to help orphaned children, and I built a roof on a church in Makindu, Kenya. I got to ride a Navy ship for Seafair. I was on a stage in front of 90,000 people. I bought a house, and making absolutely no money, I've managed to keep it in this economy.

I can make it because I'm me. And today, for the first time in roughly seven, maybe eight years, I felt ecstatic to be alive.

... I'll also admit, I have coffee pumping through my veins, not blood. So, that might be a part of it... ;)


Great post! I wish you could follow up on this topic!